How to Open a Clogged Sink? Practical Methods

How to Open a Clogged Sink? Practical Methods

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Kitchen and bathroom sinks create clogging problems in certain situations. How to unclog a clogged sink There are things you can try at: If you encounter a clogging problem, you can try it at home. However, you should not apply the mentioned results without questioning and examining them.

The condition of the sink you use makes a difference when it comes to opening a clogged sink. Especially if you are going to use chemicals, your practices for unclogging the sink may be harmful. If you are looking for a solution to your sink clogging, you can take a look at the solutions mentioned in our article. Thanks to the article Sink is clogged, water is not flowing You can eliminate your problem.

How to Clog the Sink?

Sink clogged or water not flowing problems occur due to certain reasons. Especially misuse is the main cause of clogging. Therefore, it is very important to be careful while using it. You can overcome these by using the method of unclogging a clogged sink at home.

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Although there are solutions for unclogging the sink, you must be careful to prevent the blockage from recurring. That's why you need to be knowledgeable about the causes of sink clogging. Today, clogging occurs due to user and production errors.

First of all, without mentioning how to unblock a clogged sink, the causes of clogging can be summarized as follows:

  • Tea vs. Spilling Beverages into the Sink : In our country, especially tea kettles have a habit of pouring into the sink. In this case, dirt accumulates and clogs the sink. After a long time, even water does not flow from the sink drain.
  • Spilling of Solid Fats : When solid fats, especially margarine, cool down, they freeze. If you are faced with a clogged drain, the cause may be oil. It will clog the drain with cold water poured on it.
  • Soils in Fruits and Vegetables : Different dirt spills out of the sinks you use for cleaning purposes. Soil residues on them may cause clogging over time.
  • Food Leftovers : You should not wash the plates before placing them in the dishwasher. This is the reason for the complaints because the sink is clogged and the water is not flowing, what should I do? Food residues will accumulate in the sink pipe and cause a blockage.
  • The Drain Pipe Not Having Sufficient Slope : The sink does not become clogged solely due to user error. If the drain pipe is broken or does not have sufficient slope, it will cause problems. All liquids, especially water, cannot be drained and accumulate over time.
  • Small Sink Drain : If the sink mouth is not large enough, it may cause clogging. The small structure and its perforation prevent flow. It should be relatively larger but have a blocking cover.
  • Not using a stopper : Stoppers are used in the kitchen due to frequent clogging of sink drains. If the mouth of your sink is directly open, clogging increases. At this stage, you should use stoppers that will ensure as much elimination as possible.

Methods to Open a Clogged Sink

Nowadays, there are different methods on how to unclog sinks. Some applications can be made at home, especially with natural methods. This way, you can achieve relatively inexpensive results. However, you should be careful about the material you will use. Because there is a possibility that you may damage your sink.

That's why you shouldn't evaluate all the sink unclogging options available on the internet. Act by considering the material used in the production of the sink. In this way, you can both protect your sink and remove the blockage.

How to unclog kitchen sink There are the following solutions to your question:

  • Baking Soda & Vinegar Mixture : Vinegar is a naturally acidic ingredient. As a result of this content, it is effective in removing congestion. Its effect will increase when mixed with baking soda. Pour half a glass of baking soda down the sink drain. Pour half a glass of vinegar on it and wait for about 15 minutes. Rinse by pouring hot water (about a teapot).
  • Pump Usage : Sink pumps are produced specifically to facilitate the process of unclogging a clogged sink. You do not need to use any materials with this product, which you can buy from anywhere. Fit the pump fully into the sink drain and move it up and down without breaking contact. Thus, the drain will open with the force you apply.
  • Hot Water : Even just hot water can be the answer to your question of how to unblock a clogged sink. Obtain 3-4 cups of hot water. You should pour this water gradually, not all at once. Add the second glass 10 minutes after pouring one glass. Complete the process by continuing like this.
  • Dish Detergent : Dishwasher detergent, found in every home, will help you when searching for ways to unclog a clogged bathroom sink. Pour approximately 1 cup of detergent into the sink. Then prevent it from leaving by immediately putting a stopper on it. Pour hot water into a medium-sized basin. Leave it in the sink for about 15 minutes without draining. Remove the stopper with a fork and let it go.
  • Bleach : Although it is not among the natural methods of unclogging a clogged sink, it is an option. It will open by pouring some into the sink and pouring hot water on it. However, this method can be dangerous for both health and toilet use. It should be applied carefully.
  • Sink Openers : Sink openers sold in markets are produced especially for this process. It will undoubtedly be offered as a solution to sink clogging. All you have to do is buy it at affordable prices and follow the usage steps.
  • Professional Support : Special services are offered by companies in case of blockages. How to unblock a clogged sink is tried by an expert using natural and chemical methods. On the other hand, if necessary, the materials can be changed and made usable.
  • Sink and Drain Replacement : Lastly, how to open a clogged sink involves changing the sink and its drain. Replacement of unusable sinks is the definitive solution. Moreover, it will help you prevent clogging later on. So you can make profit in the long run.

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